Terms of Trade

  1. Applicability

    These terms of trade shall apply to all customers who engage the services of Paradise Cleaning on either a casual or contractual basis. Acceptance of the services of Paradise Cleaning Ltd implies the acceptance of the terms of trade here in

  2. Price/Payment

    A Deposit may be requested on work carried out on a casual basis prior to commencement.

    All prices are exclusive of GST. Unless otherwise previously agreed the customer must pay by cash or cheque, in cleared funds the full amount owing at the completion of the work required.

    Bartercard is Not accepted unless by prior arrangement.

    Where services provided are charged to an account, payment is due within 14 days of the provision of those services. Any account not paid in full by the due date will be liable for an additional accounting fee no more than $20 per calendar month overdue. Overdue accounts may be charged penalty interest of 18% per annum. Services may also be withdrawn until the matter is resolved.

    The customer agrees for Paradise Cleaning Ltd to use a third party vendor to assist in collecting overdue payments.

    The customer will be responsible for the payment of any legal or collection fees.

  3. Force majeure

    Paradise Cleaning is not responsible for any failure or delay in performing an obligation if it is due to a cause reasonably beyond its control.

  4. Quotations

    Quotations are valid for 14 days. The customer is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information on which the quotation is based. Any changes to the nature of the services required subsequent to the quotation being issued will constitute a variation to the original work requested. Such variations shall be paid for at their cost irrespective of the terms of the quotation.

  5. Estimates

    Estimates will be provided in good faith and remain subject to the accuracy of information provided. Paradise Cleaning reserves the right to review and vary any such estimates at its own discretion.

  6. Disputes

    While Paradise Cleaning strives to provide the highest level of service, results achieved are subject to the initial condition of surfaces to be cleaned or treated.

    Paradise Cleaning must be informed within 24 hours of any work being completed as to any dissatisfaction regarding the standard of work carried out.

  7. Access

    Customers retain the responsibility of ensuring full and unimpeded access to the premises at the agreed time. Should such entry be denied, unless prior notice is provided, a travel fee will be charged.

  8. Equipment

    Any equipment used by Paradise Cleaning on the client’s premises as part of the provision of its services remains the property of Paradise Cleaning who reserves the right to enter the customers’ premises in order to reclaim such items.

  9. Safety

    Unless otherwise notified Paradise Cleaning operates on the assumption that the premises on which services are to be carried out are in a safe condition, meaning no knowledge exists as to the potential of risks or dangers to the employees of Paradise Cleaning. Should such an assumption be invalid, customers must ensure appropriate notice is provided as to the nature and extent of any risk. Furthermore, if notice is not provided Paradise Cleaning will not be responsible for any consequences arising from this risk or danger.

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